Friday, November 15, 2013

The world will always need heroes...

Hi readers!

I haven't had an opportunity to send out a blog in a while. This new job has had me super busy and with all the excitement i hardly have had a spare second to write a decent blog. Today I will write a nice quick one because of the happenings in San Francisco

This morning as I checked my twitter feed between answering emails I ran across the story of Batkid (#SFBatkid or #Batkid on twitter) the story of little Leukemia survivor Miles who was surprised with the gift of being Batman for the day. His wish drove volunteers to mass 12000 strong to turn a part of San Fransisco into his own pint sized Gotham City, complete with Riddler and Penguin villains. You can read all about this story here (Batkid Story

  In the midst of world wide problems I am glad that there are stories like this to remind us that there is still good in this world. Perhaps it won't make much difference in dropping the crime rate or even fixing all that is wrong with the world, but for one brief moment the world smiled. For one day, to that little boy, the realm of the imagination has leaked into the real world and he was given an opportunity to live out his dream. for one whisper of time the world made sense.

   Batman, is a hero to millions of fans world wide, but today's real heroes where the 12 000+ volunteers who went out of their way, taking time off work to make the dreams of a little boy real. I can't help but wonder what would happen if we tried to make each other's dreams a reality? would the world notice because we dress up in costumes or will the notice because we are doing an act of God in a public way? Too often we are bogged down with our own problems, with our own issue and trials that we forget to take time and look for the good in everything.

There is still good in this world, and today one little boy has a stronger faith in the good of humanity. In fact, if you were to tell him that Batman was not real, I'm willing to bet that he would say "yes, he is! I AM Batman!" If only we were so expressive with our faith in Christ. That we would do so much good to others making their dreams reality so that social media would explode with the news that Christians are doing good, just because we can. I think that those people we would touch with our good deeds would have a hard time doubting the existence of Christ. Like little Miles they would stand up and say "There is a God! I've seen his kids work!"

The world still needs Heroes! go out and makes someones dream come true!